Nilgala savanna forest destructing for cultivation


Nilgala forest is located in Monaralagala district which is in dry zone. It is a grassland forest known to be a Savanna forest in the country. It is located next to Gal Oya National Park. Nilgala forest is a major water source for its vicinity and forest life. This forest has so many medicinal herbs. Having endemic species and endangered makes Nilagala forest one of the most important forests in the country.
Description about the destruction
Instead of protecting this important city, government officers and other responsible authorities have destroyed the forest by releasing the land for foreign cultivation projects and other politician’s personal activities. Some parts of the forest are not forest reserves, so none of the government agencies pay attention to forest crimes in those areas. 250 acres of the forest area is given for resettlement activities, another 250 acres reserved for rubber plantation, and the government has alienated 11600 acres of the forest land for banana cultivation foreign project. Though it seems like the destructed areas are not huge comparing to other destruction, for a dry zone Savanna forest it is a big calamity.
Timeline and Legal action
Politicians and government officers destroy the land and there is nobody to take action for that other than the villagers and environmentalist. So, with the help of village and regional monks, they had ordinated 1000 trees in 2014 and the ordination was a successful method to save the forest.
Possible impacts of the destruction
If the forest destruction continued, there would have been severe damages on water cycle and agricultural activities and endangered and endemic species would have disappeared sooner than we expect. Because of all the land clearances, human-elephant conflicts rate went high.  Finally, the tree ordination saved the land, people, and all the species in the forest.
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