Golf course and hotel threatening the beauty of Soragune


Soragune is another forest area located in Uva province, belongs to both dry and intermediate zones. Soragune forest is a major water source for the area, contributing to around 7000 farmers in the area. Similar to other forests, this forest also has its own biodiversity including flora, fauna, and animal species. Weli oya is the main water source which provides water to the area and it flows through the forest, increasing the beauty of it.
Description about the destruction
After seeing the aesthetic value of the forest, a foreign company had planned to build an eco golf resort in this valley. Constructing the proposed golf resort would be harmful to its environment. However, without considering the damage, 628 acres of the forest land was illegally transferred to a private company. Department of Forest Conservation, Department of Buddhist Affairs, Irrigation Department, Central Environmental Authority, Deparmtnet of Commissioner General of lands, Agrarian Services Department, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources are the respondents for this case.
Legal action
It was proposed before 2012 and then Centre for Environmental Justice has taken legal action for it by filing a WRIT petition. There, they demanded for an environmental impact assessment. Finally, it was proven that constructing the resort in that area is not suitable for the location because of landslides and other environmental issues.
Possible impacts of the destruction
For the proposed resort, a huge forest area was to be cleared and that might have affected the biodiversity. To build the resort, they might need to cut so many trees and that would affect the water sources in the forest area. The main impact is on water bodies and agricultural lands due to the chemicals will be used for golf courses. Those chemicals would contaminate soil, ground and surface water bodies and that will be a serious issue.


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